SCENE OPENS to a dinner, where Carson (Ryan Driller) and Kim (Dee Williams) have invited their goddaughter Kelly (Natalie Brooks) and her parents George (John Legendary) and Eleonore (Kiki D’Aire) over for a home-cooked meal.

As the dinner progresses, Carson and Kim grow concerned for Kelly as her parents do and say questionable things towards her, scolding and body-shaming her. When Kelly is eventually slapped on the hand for reaching across the table, a withdrawn Kelly excuses herself to use the bathroom while Carson and Kim agree that they cannot hold their silence any longer.

Carson and Kim confront George and Eleonore about their behavior towards Kelly. George and Eleonore become defensive, reminding Carson and Kim that they’re only Kelly’s godparents and have no say in how they raise Kelly. When Kelly returns, George and Eleonore get up with her and leave.

Left alone in the aftermath of this disturbing situation, Carson and Kim decide that THEY could treat Kelly so much better if she were THEIRS. They exchange a silent agreement: George and Eleonore need to be out of the picture. For good.


A few weeks later, Carson, Kim, and Kelly all walk into the same home together with Kelly’s suitcase. The atmosphere is solemn. It turns out that Kelly’s parents were killed in a freak accident just a few days before and that she’s staying with Carson and Kim for support.

That night, Kelly visits Carson and Kim in their bedroom, unable to get some shut-eye. A welcoming Carson and Kim comfort her as she expresses her grief over the loss of her parents.

To her surprise, Carson and Kim start badmouthing Kelly’s parents and the ways they treated her. She’s confused at first but Carson and Kim start flattering her, showing her a compassion she’s never felt before with her actual parents. Carson and Kim hug and kiss her on the cheek, insisting she can have all the affection she wants from them.

Carson and Kim then kiss in a sexual way to express how they love EACH OTHER, which startles and unexpectedly arouses Kelly. She’s certainly never seen her parents do THAT. Carson and Kim offer to kiss Kelly in the same way. Kelly is flustered and a bit hesitant but after some coaxing, her curiosity gets the best of her and she agrees to trying a kiss.

Kelly makes out with Carson and Kim, who insist that it’s normal for a family to be affectionate around each other. As they flatter and arouse Kelly further, she can’t resist an offer to push this affection to its intimate limits in a night of sexual abandon.