SCENE OPENS on Marla (Evelyn Claire), a private investigator, meeting with a prospective client, Michael (Thrill), who suspects that his wife Nicole (Candice Dare) is being unfaithful. Michael wants Marla to gather hard evidence on Nicole so that he can take advantage of the infidelity clause contained within their prenuptial agreement. Nicole is incredibly wealthy, and Michael promises Marla that if she is successful in her investigation, he will reward her with a sizeable bonus. Marla accepts.


Days later, Marla tails Nicole to a coffee shop and follows her inside. Without blowing her cover, Marla observes Nicole open up a laptop, on which there is LGBT-related content. This isn’t what Marla was expecting. Suffice to say that Marla’s interest is now piqued.

The next day, Marla follows Nicole to a yoga class. Upon entering the lobby, Marla makes a daring move and introduces herself to Nicole, pretending to have recognized her from another yoga class. Marla goes on to flatter Nicole’s beauty and plants the seeds of a mutual attraction between them, but it doesn’t result in anything substantive just yet.

Later at her office, a frustrated Marla informs Michael that she hasn’t been able to find a smidge of evidence concerning adultery, though she can firmly say that Nicole is in fact a closeted lesbian. A disappointed Michael points out that regardless, if Marla doesn’t find proof of infidelity, she will NOT receive her bonus. Not willing to give up just yet, Marla asks for 24 hours to come up with the evidence.

Sometime later, Marla ‘runs into’ Nicole at the same coffee shop from before. They sit together and before long, Marla has managed to manipulate Nicole into coming back to her apartment, offering Nicole a ‘safe place’ to explore her repressed lesbianism.

When they arrive at Marla’s apartment, it’s clear that Nicole is hungry for Marla’s offer, letting Marla undress her and suck on her tits and clit. Nicole loses herself in the sexual encounter of her dreams, while Marla gets exactly what she needed: hard evidence of Nicole’s adultery.