SCENE OPENS to Karina (Alexia Anders), heading home after class. One of her teachers, Mr. Davis (Ryan Mclane), stops her on her way out, saying she did a good job in class today. He says that hard work is one of the most important ways to honor God, so he’s pleased that she’s so devoted to her studies.

Karina seems happy with the compliment, clearly having a lot of respect for Mr. Davis. She thanks him for helping her to understand God’s will. Mr. Davis quickly glances around to make sure nobody else is there, then tells Karina that before she goes home for the day, he would actually like to talk to her about something. He asks if they can go back inside the classroom for this discussion. Karina readily agrees.

A few minutes later, Mr. Davis and Karina arrive at the door to a classroom. Karina is curious, but not suspicious, asking why they are going into Mrs. Gilberto’s room instead of their regular homeroom.

Mr. Davis says that what they’re about to discuss is very important, and since Mrs. Gilberto is away, this room will give them the privacy they need. Karina unquestioningly accepts this explanation, and Mr. Davis gestures for her to go in first. She walks through the doorway, then Mr. Davis follows and closes the door behind them.

Mr. Davis tells Karina that the school has educated her about the word of God and sheltered her from the world’s evils, but now that she’s 18, she’ll soon be exposed to evil people out there who want to steal her most precious gift – her virginity.

Mr. Davis smiles reassuringly and says that as her teacher, he feels an obligation to protect her, while he still can. He wants to do something to make sure she doesn’t have her virginity taken cruelly from her. He has an idea of how he could help, even though it’s a bit unusual.

‘Your virginity. I want you to give it to me,’ Mr. Davis says softly.


Karina is taken aback for a moment, and she asks if Mr. Davis is really sure if that’s the right thing to do. If it’s such a precious gift, should she really give it up to Mr. Davis so easily? Doesn’t God – and the school – teach them to be abstinent?

As Mr. Davis answers her, Karina listens dutifully to her teacher. Her trust in Mr. Davis wins out, and she agrees to give him her virginity.

Mr. Davis tells her that in order for this plan to work, she has to keep it a secret. Karina promises Mr. Davis not to tell anybody about this meeting, or about giving him her virginity. Mr. Davis says that the sooner they get started, the sooner she’ll be safe, so Karina agrees to go through with it now.

Mr. Davis is going to do whatever he can to get what he wants…