Heather (Olive Glass) is minding her own business in a cafe when she spots a stranger, Dawn (Alexis Tae), getting unwanted attention from a male patron (Mo Reese). Dawn tries to get the patron to go away but isn’t confident enough, so Heather steps in and pretends to be Dawn’s girlfriend. Dawn quickly plays along and the male patron begrudgingly backs off. Dawn is thankful for Heather’s help and they have a friendly bonding moment while complaining about men. There’s a spark of attraction from Heather, as Dawn treats her to a coffee for helping her.

Heather and Dawn begin meeting regularly for coffee, becoming close friends. However, Heather is infatuated and seems to think she has a chance with Dawn because Dawn is talking about dating. Heather works up the courage and asks Dawn out, but Dawn reminds Heather that she’s straight and only loves Heather as a friend. Heather acts unfazed at the rejection but is secretly upset. She fakes being supportive and Dawn doesn’t suspect anything otherwise.

Several meetings later, Dawn is upset because she’s been having no luck with dating men. They keep standing her up, or sending gross pictures. Heather pretends to be supportive, though there are hints that something’s amiss. Dawn, miserable, goes to the bathroom to freshen up. Once Dawn is gone, Heather’s whole demeanor darkens. She uses her phone to anonymously send Dawn a dick pic she finds online. Dawn returns and is upset to find the dick pic, never suspecting it’s from Heather.

More meetings later, Heather has brought Dawn home to her loft after Dawn reveals how upset she is. Her dating life’s just gotten worse and she can’t stand the thought of being out in public right now. Heather tries to act sympathetic, suggesting that Dawn should try a lesbian experience. Dawn, heartbroken and desperate, seems to open up to the idea.

Heather starts coming onto Dawn, who is uncertain at first. Heather insists that her loft is a safe place to explore and that she really has Dawn’s best interests at heart. Dawn is hesitant but trusts Heather, so she agrees, not realizing that Heather is the very reason why she’s been having such bad luck with men…