Rose (Tiffany Watson) is looking at her laptop computer when she sees a social media post from a company that claims to support LGBTQ-related causes. Rose is outraged because she knows this is actually a lie… the CEO of the company is none other than her homophobic stepmother, Lizbeth (Serene Siren). Rose decides to expose Lizbeth’s hypocrisy by posting a video that shows Lizbeth in the midst of a homophobic rant at their family’s last Thanksgiving dinner.

The next day, Rose is checking the status of the video that she posted, and sees that it has gone viral. Lizbeth enters the room and tries to act nice to Rose, but Rose brags that people on the Internet have ‘canceled’ Lizbeth. Still, Lizbeth continues to act sweet and concerned, saying that she wants to make amends. Rose is skeptical, saying she knows that Lizbeth is only acting this way because of the backlash from the video. After further discussion, the truth comes out that Lizbeth wants to do damage control by appearing with Rose on a talk show, saying they have reconciled.

Realizing that she has leverage now, Rose agrees on the condition that Lizbeth’s company makes changes to actually help LGBTQ people. Lizbeth accepts this. However, Rose then reveals that she has another condition: Lizbeth must learn what it’s like to be a lesbian… by having sex with Rose. Lizbeth is shocked, but she’s willing to do anything for her company’s success, so she agrees…