Kristi (Anna Claire Clouds) and Ben (Seth Gamble) have been trying so hard to conceive, but they just haven’t seemed to have any luck. As Kristi sits on the toilet once again, waiting for the results of her latest pregnancy test, she has a glimmer of hope in her eyes. But when the fated single line appears on the stick, she can’t help but feel disillusioned and guilty. Ben assures her that it’s okay- they’ll keep trying and it’ll all work out. Kristi smiles and nods but, deep down, she’s a total mess.

To make matters worse, Kristi’s estranged stepsister, Ruby (Maddie May), shows up one day asking for a place to stay. Kristi is angry- Ruby totally disappeared and no one’s heard from her since. She’s caused Krisi’s family a ton of grief, and now she wants to come back and ask for favors as if nothing even happened? But Ruby is desperate, and in dire need of help, so Kristi relents and lets her stay the night.

Later that day, Ruby wants to take a bath, so Kristi brings her a clean towel. But when Kristi witnesses Ruby getting undressed, old and forbidden emotions suddenly flood her being. She finds herself aroused by her stepsister’s naked body and starts to masturbate as she spies Ruby through a slit in the door. Before long, the two stepsisters have gotten back to their naughty old ways, but what will happen when Ben comes back home and discovers them? Will he be angry or… perhaps, intrigued?