A director (Joel Someone) and a casting agent (Pristine Edge) are finishing up after a long day of casting for an upcoming bi-focused dating/reality show called ‘Two Bi Two’. Just then, a latecomer (Cesar Xes) bursts in to try out for the show. He apologizes for being late, begging for a chance. Joel and Pristine seem to find him interesting, so they agree to give him a shot.

Joel and Pristine interview Cesar, telling him that he needs to prove that he has on-screen chemistry with both men and women. They start by having Cesar pose for some fun and sexy photos with Pristine, then with Joel, and then with both Joel and Pristine at the same time. Joel and Pristine then tell Cesar that they need to see how well he kisses both women and men. Cesar is happy to do whatever is needed to prove himself, and takes turns kissing each one of them. There is some over-the-clothes groping as well. Cesar is then directed to strip, and he happily lets Joel and Pristine grope him.

At their suggestion, Cesar gives a blowjob to Joel and cunnilingus to Pristine, then Joel and Pristine give Cesar a blowjob together. After they all fully undress, Pristine rides Cesar’s cock and kisses him, while Joel squeezes Cesar’s balls and licks his shaft. Joel then has doggystyle sex with Pristine, as Cesar engages in ball/shaft-licking and clit-licking from below. Then Cesar fucks Joel in the missionary position, while Pristine sits on Joel’s face. The three of them form a reverse-cowgirl vertical stack, with Pristine riding Joel, while Joel (in the middle) is fucked by Cesar. Will this be enough for Cesar to prove he’s exactly what they’re looking for?