Victoria Voxxx and her doting husband, Mason Lear, enter a cafe. Victoria has a yoga session and Mason plans to wait at the cafe until she’s done. After they exchange a sweet kiss and Victoria leaves to go on her way, Mason’s left on his own as he places his order. Little does he know, a handsome stranger, Jake Waters, watches him from afar.As soon as Victoria is gone, Jake moves in and flirts with Mason. Mason is flattered but nervous as he states that he’s married AND straight. However, Jake doesn’t seem convinced as he boldly writes down his number on a napkin and hands it to Mason, telling him to call him whenever he’s changed his mind. Mason takes the napkin, dazed, and watches after Jake as something new stirs inside…But along with those unexpected feelings of arousal, uncertainty and guilt overwhelms him — especially once Victoria returns after her yoga session and he finds himself pocketing the number before she notices. He tries to hide his growing sense of panic and is thankful as they both head home.

A few days later, while Victoria is out, Mason secretly opens their home to Jake. As Mason leads Jake inside, he’s nervous but excited. He’s never done this before but as Jake closes in with a passionate kiss, Mason is glad he’s taken the leap. Slowly and surely, things start to get hot and heavy until Jake is on his knees before Mason, giving him a blowjob. Mason’s head is in the clouds… until Victoria unexpectedly walks in on them.It’s quickly revealed that Victoria’s always figured Mason was… curious… about his sexuality. That’s when she decided to get Jake, an escort, to help explore that side of him. Mason is stunned by the revelation but intrigued as well as Victoria lovingly tells him that it’s more than okay if he wants to experience new things… as long as she’s there to share the experience as well.

Once Mason hears that, he’s all for it as both Victoria and Jake start feeling him up.Mason’s world is turned upside down with pleasure as he explores his curiosity to the fullest. He experiences tasting cock for the first time, sometimes sharing it with Victoria, as well as sinking his own into Jake’s tight ass. All of his bi-curious dreams come true at once as he switches between pleasuring both Victoria and Jake, excited for the chance to put his cock in as many holes as possible. With everything heating up between them, it’s only a matter of time before Mason finally gets to taste another man’s cum for the very first time.Now that he’s finally free of his restraints, and Victoria’s completely onboard, things are about to get lot more wild in the bedroom from now on.

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