Lexi Luna excitedly enters a clothing boutique with her boyfriend, Codey Steele. She gushes over the clothes she wants to try on, handing them all to Codey as he obediently smiles and nods. An employee working at the boutique, Bella Rolland, notices Codey and seems intrigued. She asks Codey if he needs any help, but he directs her to ask his girlfriend, not him – he’s just here to spoil her!! Lexi and Bella strike up a conversation, although Codey can’t help but notice that Bella’s eyes are all over him and her body language is very flirty and forward, especially whenever Lexi’s not looking.

Bella then leads Lexi to a changing booth and tells her to try on as many clothes as she wants. Lexi thanks Bella for her help and blows a kiss to Codey, jokingly telling Codey not to miss her TOO much. As soon as Lexi closes the curtain to her changing booth, Bella pounces, playfully dragging Codey into a changing booth right next to Lexi’s. Bella eagerly strokes and sucks on Codey’s cock, and then Codey has standing sex with her, trying to keep quiet so Lexi won’t suspect anything.

Eventually, Lexi calls out for Codey to come check out a special outfit that she’s trying on, so he hastily tucks his dick back into his pants and goes to Lexi, who is wearing sexy blue lingerie. Lexi pulls Codey into her booth and touches his crotch, feeling his hard cock and thinking that it’s because he REALLY likes her outfit. She pulls her panties aside so he can eat out her pussy, gasping as Codey pleasures her.

As Codey and Lexi continue to have sex, Bella gets jealous as she waits outside Lexi’s changing booth. Bella calls out to Lexi that there’s a special sale going on that will end in an hour, so Lexi eagerly agrees to come out and look at more clothes. After Lexi gets dressed and starts browsing through the clothes, Bella has more sex with Codey, using a clothing rack to hide Codey’s lower body so Lexi won’t suspect anything…