Laney Grey ushers her friend Anny Aurora into her house. They bump into Charles Dera, Laney’s parent, who introduces himself and welcomes Anny for dinner, cracking a couple of bad jokes that embarrass Laney. Charles can’t help but notice how sexy Anny is and tries to keep a conversation going for as long as possible. But soon, the girls excuse themselves to get ready for dinner.

Later that night at the dinner table, the three of them chat as they eat. Charles continues to show an unnatural interest in Anny, watching her eat, asking her about school and her hobbies. Anny has a clumsy ‘accident,’ dropping her fork. When she bends over, Charles sneaks a peek. He starts to get the feeling she is doing it on purpose.

He steers the talk towards the girls’ evening plans and suggests that Anny stays over for the night. She blushes and says she doesn’t want to inconvenience them, but he says nonsense, she’s welcome anytime. She accepts.

Later that night, Laney and Anny are in Laney’s room, snoring softly. The door opens and light spills in as Charles comes in to check on them. He’s clearly interested in Anny, as he inches closer to her to get a better look. Charles is clearly conflicted about whether to touch Anny but eventually, he decides not to. As Charles begins to walk out of the room, Anny’s eyes open and she smiles at him. He’s caught off guard and is about to say something, but she gestures for him to stay quiet, pointing to her friend. She gently takes his wrist and pulls his hand towards her, saying ‘Touch me… I know you want to.’

Charles hungrily kisses and gropes Anny, fondling her breasts and ass over her bra and panties. Once in a while, he looks over nervously at Laney, to make sure she still has her eyes closed. Charles then begins to peel off Anny’s clothes, kissing her bare breasts. Anny slips Charles’s hard cock out of his pants, stroking it before she stoops down and puts it in her mouth. As Anny sucks his cock, they do their best to be quiet to avoid alerting Laney.

Eventually, Laney does sit up in bed, but Anny and Charles narrowly avoid getting caught. When Laney lies back down and closes her eyes, Charles and Anny sneak out to the living room. They lie down on the couch, kissing and taking the rest of their clothes off. With Anny on her back, Charles caresses and eats her pussy. Soon, Charles slips behind her, sliding his hard cock into Anny’s pussy as she gasps with pleasure.

They sit up. Anny rides Charles’s cock cowgirl, bouncing up and down on him before he lays her back down on the couch and pounds her pussy. Anny then bends over for Charles and he fucks her doggystyle as she moans softly. Eventually, Charles pulls out of Anny, and she jerks his cock as he fingers her. Charles then bends Anny over again, sliding his cock back into her pussy.

Staying the night seems to have worked out VERY well for Charles and Anny…