Kitana Lure had an extraordinary life, prosperous, free and famous until the young unlicensed driver ran into her. She was totally broken after her accident, and it took years to find her enemy. She wants to back to her impossible life, but it’s impossible because of her broken leg.

Kitana, the brunette milf finds her enemy and takes advantage of her. She bends her legs and arms in sexy lingerie and holds her in bed. The young unlicensed driver who caused the accident didn’t know what had happened till the forgotten famous dancer found her.Kitana wants back her beautiful legs and energy, but it’s not happening. She wants to feel Kate’s healthy legs and young skin and eat her body.

What a gentle revenge.

She scared her at first, but she started to kiss her natural young body, and she enjoyed her innocent body. Kate Quinn wants to pay back the mistake she made, so she just licks and satisfies.She really wants to make Kitana happy, so she licks Kitana’s feet and toes as well, but it’s not enough. She works Kitana’s wet milf pussy until she cums.