Christina Shine returned to her medium because, in the last session, Anissa promised her that she would be happy with her girlfriend.

Things went wrong, and Christina thinks Anissa did something terrible to her and put a curse on the bracket. The nervous blond entered Anissa’s apartment and tried to find her to speak about the bracelet.

Suddenly Anissa Kate appears behind Christina and tells her that she made a bind between her and Christina. This is why Christina lost her girlfriend, and now Anissa owned Christina’s, broken heart. The curse is worked, and the beautiful brown-skinned French magician gets Christina.

Under the curse, Anissa teased the blonde goddess in her bed, and they had passionate sex. French kissing up and down and sensual dildo play, like a perfect lesbian couple. End of the intensive sex, Christina realized that if she broke the bracelet, she would escape Anissa’s trap. Anissa saw the moment when Christina destroyed the bracelet, and she found herself alone.