Linda (Serene Siren) gets out of bed feeling uneasy, although she doesn’t know why. As she goes through the living room, her sense of unease grows. Linda then looks at the television and sees a report from news anchor Diane Jones (Ana Foxxx) that causes her to realize that the world has changed somehow. Suddenly everything has become very unfamiliar to Linda, even her own home! She panics and runs out of the house.

Linda’s panic grows as she tries to make sense of the world around her, which causes her to bump into a stranger, Leslie (Casey Calvert), who doesn’t seem to see that the world has changed. Linda continues running, until she finally sees a familiar face, Karen (Victoria Voxxx). Linda tries to tell Karen what’s happening, but Karen doesn’t believe her. Linda hurries back home.

Meanwhile, Leslie is trying to figure out why she’s been seeing strange visions ever since she bumped into Linda. She remembers an unfamiliar word that appeared in one of her visions, and tries to look up that word on her cellphone. However, the search on her phone doesn’t come up with any results. She decides to try going to the library.

At the beauty salon, hairdressers Amanda (Alexis Tae) and Tanya (Jewelz Blu) are cleaning up after finishing with a client. Tanya complains about her latest rocky relationship, while Amanda half-listens. Amanda longs for Tanya, but knows they can never be together. Suddenly, Amanda hears Tanya say something that fills her mind with confusion… but also fills her heart with hope.

As we return to Leslie, she looks through some books that she borrowed from the library, but still can’t find the answers she’s looking for. She decides to go home to talk to her wife.

Meanwhile, Linda arrives home and is stunned to find a stranger (Haley Reed) waiting there. Who is this person, and what does she want with Linda

Back at the beauty salon, Amanda is baffled as to how Tanya is suddenly a lesbian, but realizes this is her chance. She tentatively admits her feelings for Tanya, and although Tanya is surprised at first, sparks start to fly.