Still in her tent, Amber (Alison Rey) gets dressed and prepares to start her day. Camping out where there aren’t any women doesn’t sound like much fun to her, but she hopes it will finally put an end to her habit of indulging in too much sex. She unzips the front of her tent and prepares to step outside.

Meanwhile, Leslie (Casey Calvert) is on her way home. She still doesn’t know why she’s been having strange visions lately, but she hopes that her wife might have an idea.

Speaking of married couples, at another house Morgan (Alex Coal) is welcomed home by her wife, Karen (Victoria Voxxx). They each talk about weird encounters they had that day, and realize that the ‘weird’ claims are too similar to be a coincidence…

As we get back to Leslie, she arrives home and sees an uplifting report on television from news anchor Diane Jones (Ana Foxxx), but it still doesn’t answer any of Leslie’s questions. Leslie then looks at a photo in the living room, and suddenly has another vision.

Meanwhile, Sarah (Candice Dare) and Jenn (Christy Love) used to enjoy keeping an exciting secret from everyone, but things have changed somehow. What happened?

As we return to Leslie one last time, she finally has the answers she was looking for, thanks to her loving wife, Sofia (Marica Hase). They kiss, and intimately enjoy their love for each other.

Oh wait, you also want to know what happened to Amber? Be sure to check out the mid-credits scene!