A yellow sports car pulls up to a lovely vacation rental on the outskirts of town. A couple, Kasey Kei and Hatler Gurius, exit the car and take in the sights. They’re excited at the prospect of spending the entire weekend together in this paradise. They enter the house and marvel at the high ceilings and fashionable design. It’s their one-year anniversary, and they can’t wait to spend every minute of it in each other’s arms. Kasey gives Hatler a big kiss on the lips and then takes him to go look at the rest of the place.

They go to the backyard and are wowed by what they see. A massive pool with azure waters, palm trees lining the paths, and an incredible view of the surrounding areas are just a few of the perks of their location. Kasey asks Hatler to take some pictures of her, and she poses by the pool and jacuzzi as Hatler snaps some cute pics with his phone.

When they take a heartwarming selfie together, they linger for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes. Isn’t it incredible that they’ve lasted one whole year? Their relationship is too good to be true, and they can’t wait for what’s to come. But for now, they may as well focus on the present… and themselves. They start making out and then head inside to the master bedroom, kicking off their anniversary weekend with some passionate sex.