Things are looking rough for sweet sweet Sally Mae (Ana Foxxx). Tied up and at the mercy of Miss Jane’s right-hand chick Tina (Julie Kay), Sally can only watch as Tina calls in Anita (Kira Noir), Miss Jane’s mean-machine enforcer. Anita’s a pro at making people talk and has all sorts of fun ways to do that. Her weapon of choice? Some nasty looking jumper cables hooked up to a car battery.

When Tina leaves Anita alone with Sally, Anita goes to work, hooking the jumper cables up to Sally and sending some major pain flowing through her. But Sally’s a tough cookie, and those cookies don’t crumble, so Sally doesn’t say a word.

While she’s riding out those vicious volts, Sally flashes back to a happier time, when she was hanging out with her step-sister Emily (Scarlit Scandal). Emily had been having some problems back then, but she had finally found herself back on the straight and narrow. She’d even gotten herself a new job, with a cool-ass boss lady named…MISS JANE.

Sally remembers when Emily told her about that, and how happy she was for her. She remembers how much she dug Emily…and thinks back to a hot and heavy night when they finally couldn’t keep their hands off of each other anymore.

But if Sally’s gonna get out of the heavy shit she’s in…if she’s gonna have any chance of giving the people who wronged her what’s coming to them – she’s gonna have to dig even DEEPER…