Nurse by day, one-chick-army by night, Sally Mae (Ana Foxxx) is dressed to thrill as she rolls up to Miss Jane’s house, knocking on the door.

Miss Jane’s right-hand chick Tina (Julie Kay) opens the door, giving Sally a once-over. Tina has no idea who Sally is, but when Sally holds up a bag of pills she took from work, that’s just enough to get her through the door.

Inside, boss lady Miss Jane (Valentina Nappi) waits. ‘Who might YOU be?’ she asks when Sally walks in. Sally lays the pills down on the table, saying she has some merch to push. Miss Jane takes one look and shakes her head. These pills are old news – nobody on the street wants this shit anymore.

But Miss Jane is a businesswoman, so she does business, making Sally a low-ball offer. Sally doesn’t bite though, grabbing her baggie and walking out. This doesn’t sit well with Miss Jane, who tells Tina to make sure that Sally gets the message…she’s NOT welcome here. And Sally’s barely out the door when Tina gives her that message – putting Sally’s lights out with her mean left hook.

When Sally comes-to, she’s tied up on a bed. Tina walks into the room, demanding to know who gave Sally Miss Jane’s name.

‘Fuck you,’ Sally answers.

Tina just smiles.

Sally’s in a jam, but – trained in martial arts by suave sensei Trevor (Isiah Maxwell) – Sally knows how to handle herself, and she knows how to take a punch. Good thing, too, cause she takes LOTS of punches from Tina. But Sally’s one cool cat…so she stays cool and doesn’t say a peep. Not getting anywhere, Tina decides to call in the cavalry and gets on the phone to one of the guards outside the room. ‘Get me Anita,’ she says.

The guard tells one of Miss Jane’s girls, Brandy (Noemie Bilas) to go get Anita. She obliges, walking into Anita’s room, but Anita (Kira Noir) comes out to meet her before she can say anything. Telling Brandy that she was JUST looking for her, Anita grabs the beauty and pulls her in for a steamy kiss.

Anita’s got a job to do, but before she does, she’s gonna have a little fun with Brandy first…