Sally Mae (Ana Foxxx) is a badass chick on a mission. Dressed to the nines and ready for trouble, she shows up at Polly (Misty Stone)’s house. Polly’s a cop, but she’s always looking for a little extra coin, so when Sally pulls a fat wad of cash out of her pocket and hands it to Polly, she takes the bills, handing Sally back a piece of paper. She tells Sally to go to this address and ask for a lady by the name of Miss Jane…she’ll have what Sally needs. Sally walks out of the house, slipping on her sunglasses and disappearing into the night.

As Polly counts her dough, her lady Ella (Sizi Sev) walks in, yawning and sitting next to Polly on the couch. Ella heard talking and wants to know who was visiting so late. Polly gives Ella the lowdown, but when Polly mentions Miss Jane, Ella freaks. Is Polly CRAZY? This is MISS JANE they’re talking about here!

Polly tries to calm Ella down – all she gave Sally was an address…and besides, she paid REAL well for it.

Polly pulls Ella close and starts kissing her neck, working her way down Ella’s perfect body. Nobody’ll hurt Ella – Polly’s gonna take care of her lady…in every way that a lady DESERVES to be taken care of…