Tommy Pistol walks the grounds of his property, equipped with gardening gloves and tools. He lets out a satisfied exhale as he surveys all the hard work he’s put into his landscape over the past years. He spots an area that could use a bit of care and gets to work, raking the dirt while taking care not to damage the roots of any nearby plants. It seems like this is going to be yet another peaceful, uneventful day… until Tommy turns his head and spots his stepdaughter, Rose Winters, sunbathing in the nude!

Tommy is flabbergasted as he walks over to confront Rose, making sure not to get too much of an eyeful of her luscious curves. He asks where her bikini is, and Rose replies that she didn’t wear one since she doesn’t want any tan lines. Her body’s going to be VERY busy fucking boys this summer, so she wants to get it as prepared as she can. Tommy is bewildered, but before he can say anything Rose flips onto her back, revealing her tight, shaved pussy.

Tommy does his best to chide Rose, telling her that what she’s doing is extremely inappropriate- he’s her stepfather for God’s sake! But Rose just doubles down and continues seducing Tommy. When she asks him if his wife ever lets him fuck her in the ass, Tommy sadly admits that she doesn’t. Luckily for Tommy, Rose is willing to let him in her backdoor- just as long as his wife doesn’t find out. Tommy can’t resist the chance to experience such young, sweet anal pleasure, so they have sex in the living room, making a point to keep an eye on the front should Tommy’s wife come home early.