Isiah (Isiah Maxwell) is busy fixing himself some dinner when he realizes that he’s not alone. ‘Well, well, well… if it isn’t my favorite assassin,’ he says with a devilish grin as Bella (Alina Ali) appears behind him. Isiah knows why Bella’s here. She’s working for Gabriel, the boss of the Blackground Family, and she’s looking for Sally Mae (Ana Foxxx). Too bad for Bella, Sally’s already long gone… but Bella doesn’t have to find out about that, now does she?

Bella may be a stone fox, but Isiah got one secret weapon she’ll never see coming: his silver tongue. He seduces Bella with expert ease, and she melts to his wishes like butter in a frying pan. Seems like before he gives her the skinny, these two bad cats are going to get up to a little fun.

But as they make sweet, groovy love in Isiah’s bed, Sally Mae calls his house phone and starts leaving a message on his answering machine. The gig is up. Bella knows that Isiah hasn’t been entirely truthful with her, and now she’s pissed. She takes Isiah outside to meet his maker but is interrupted by Detectives Stone and Polly who are also looking for Sally Mae. It seems like there’s a rumble that’s about to go down in the jungle, but Detective Polly lets slip that she’s been a mole for the Blackgrounds this entire time. Stone can’t believe her ears… guess she’s taking TWO people to the slammer tonight.