Sally Mae (Ana Foxxx) and Isiah (Isiah Maxwell) are hanging back at Isiah’s pad, where Sally should be safe for the time being. Gabriel, the boss of the Blackground Family, has put a bounty of one million dollars on Sally’s head, so they’ll need to be as careful as can be. Isiah asks Sally why she doesn’t run away from this mess and go someplace far away. Sally says she can’t do that- she’s got unfinished business in LA, and she means to see it through.

Isiah can see why his sibling liked Sally. She’s a fighter, just like Trevor was. Isiah muses that he’s a bit different than Trevor though. Trevor may have been a fighter, but Isiah is more of a lover, a skill that comes in handy as an undercover cop. Sally looks amused and asks if this means that Isiah will teach her the language of love. Isiah reflects and then does agree that such a skill WOULD benefit a lady in Sally’s line of work. ‘And what line of work would that be?’ Sally asks. Isiah gives her a measured look. ‘Revenge,’ he says.

Turns out they have more in common than each other thought. Sally reaches over and gently touches Isiah’s hand. She may be an ice-cold she-devil, but she knows when to let her guard down and offer up a cup of compassion. At the same time, Isiah knows another, more FUN way, of showing compassion. After all, he DID promise Sally to instruct her in the ways of love. They come together for a kiss and then move to Isiah’s bed for some sweet, sweet loving.