”Family’ is more than just a word to describe us.’

‘Daddy’ Smassh, ‘Mommy’ AKGINGERSNAPS, and ‘Babygirl’ Lana Mars are a contemporary family on the journey of a lifetime. They are in a polyamorous relationship, meaning that all three of them are together through thick and thin. Being in such a relationship, while also doing a road trip across Alaska, has been wonderful but challenging.

As they make their way through the wilderness, they learn a lot more about the land, the cultures, and themselves. Although they enjoy being enlightened, they sometimes struggle with finding the time and space to have some ALONE time — whether for themselves or their work as sex performers.

Whenever they can, they make use of spaces like hotels to have a bit of privacy. Not only do they use this time to work on projects but be intimate with each other as well. Although it can be tricky, this family makes it work.

For one of their latest projects, they invite their friend Katie Kush to join them. To them, Katie’s not just enough performer to work with but practically family as well. As she and AKGINGERSNAPS pull close together and begin making out, that’s REALLY what this whole road trip and life adventure is about: showing how a family is really something you choose!