What truly defines a family? Is it something you’re born into or something you choose?

Set off on an amazing adventure as we follow a contemporary family as they make their way through the winding roads and vast wilderness of Alaska. Polyamory, sex work, and kinship bond this unconventional household of adult performers together. No matter what life throws at them, ‘Daddy’ Smassh, ‘Mommy’ AKGINGERSNAPS, and ‘Babygirl’ Lana Mars make it work.

So how did this family come to be? Smassh first met AKGINGERSNAPS lounging by the poolside. Egged on by his buddies, he jumped from a balcony into the pool beside her, popping up to simply tell her that she was hot. As Smassh puts it, they then ‘went upstairs and came down married!’

Smassh and AKGINGERSNAPS then met Lana when she was first looking to get into the adult industry. They started by camming together but it eventually became so much more. Now the three of them are inseparable, which led to their epic journey of taking a once-in-a-lifetime road trip across Alaska.

Although there are some hurdles with their unique relationship, there’s plenty of fun to be had, especially when it comes to sex! Whether AKGINGERSNAPS and Lana are flashing their tits while riding on an all-terrain vehicle or all three of them are having a romp in the middle of the woods, there’s no shortage of ways for them to share the love.