Lily Lane hasn’t been seeing much of her husband Ryan Driller recently, because he’s been having to work late a lot. She tells Ryan that it’s awful how his boss demands so much of his time, and Ryan agrees that it’s a terrible situation. But after Ryan leaves to use the washroom, Lily sneakily grabs his phone and checks his messages, confirming her suspicions: the REAL reason why Ryan hasn’t been around much lately is because he has a mistress, Kylie Rocket.

This gives Lily an idea. Pretending to be Ryan, she sends Kylie a message claiming that ‘he’ is alone right now, so Kylie can come over for some fun. She then hides the phone just as Ryan is coming back from the washroom, so he doesn’t suspect a thing.

When Kylie arrives, Ryan is shocked. Lily gloats that she knows what they were up to, and that she wants to watch Kylie and Ryan fuck RIGHT NOW. Kylie is happy to show how well she pleases Ryan, and Lily touches herself while watching her husband and his mistress having sex!