Based on the true story of award-winning performer Casey Kisses, Casey takes her next step in her journey of self-discovery. As the guys meet to discuss club business, Cameron (Dante Colle) tells the guys that his old man – Mr. Tanner – is getting out of prison in a couple of weeks. He hasn’t seen him in fifteen years and he won’t have much when he gets out, so Cameron asks the guys if they might have anything to donate. The guys pledge to help out and Cameron is touched by their generosity.

A couple of weeks later, Cameron is at the clubhouse when Chuck (Derrick Pierce) pulls him aside, telling him that he needs to talk to him about something. Chuck takes a deep breath, finally saying to Cameron that he got some info that Cameron is gay. Is that TRUE?? Cameron is shocked and angry. Chuck warns him, telling him that if he HAS to do that stuff, he has to keep it a SECRET. Otherwise, he’ll get kicked out of the club. Cameron shakes his head, reeling at the situation before angrily stalking out of the room.

Freaking out, Cameron goes to see Khloe (Khloe Kay), telling her what happened. He is clearly still very confused and struggling with his identity, but Khloe encourages him, supportively telling him that WHOEVER he is, being honest about it is for the best. This gives Khloe an idea, and – in the spirit of being open – she suggests posting pictures of her and Cameron on social media. Cameron agrees, telling Khloe that she can do whatever makes her happy.

The next day, Cameron paces nervously in front of the prison, waiting for his old man.

Meanwhile, Rebel (Charles Dera) has discovered the social media posts of Khloe and Cameron and shows them to Chuck. Rebel is furious, insisting that this will embarrass the club. Chuck promises that he’ll take care of it.

Cameron is about to lose his membership to the club, just as his old man (Tommy Pistol) comes back into his life.

Cameron will do his best to help Mr. Tanner acclimate to life on the outside, including treating him to his first woman in fifteen years, dancer Kenna (Kenna James).

Cameron swallows his guilt and discomfort, knowing that one day he will have to admit the truth not only to himself but to his old man…and there’s no telling how Mr. Tanner will react…