Based on the true story of award-winning performer Casey Kisses and her emotional journey of self-discovery. Every journey begins with a first step. Casey’s journey begins…with Cameron.

Cameron (Dante Colle) arrives on his bike at a local biker club with his girlfriend Ashley (Kira Noir). They head inside and are hanging out when Cameron casually mentions to Ashley that his bike needs some repairs. Rico (Small Hands), a member of the local biker club, overhears him, and gives him suggestions on how to fix his bike.

As they chat, Cameron eventually asks Rico how he can get one of the vests that Rico is wearing. Rico says getting a vest is not that simple…BUT, if Cameron is looking for a club, he MIGHT be able to hook him up. In fact, the guys are going for a ride in a few days. Cameron should meet up and ride with them. Cameron can’t believe his luck, telling Rico that he’ll be there.

The next day, Cameron and Ashley are lounging in bed. Cameron seems uncertain and nervous about riding with the club, but Ashley encourages him not to overthink it. Straddling him, she flirtatiously tells Cameron that they should celebrate. This gives Cameron an idea. He reaches over to the nightstand and pulls a strap-on from the drawer, suggesting to Ashley that they give it another try. Ashley seems taken aback and hesitant. She thought they decided they weren’t into that?? Cameron says that they never decided that, insisting that he liked it. But Ashley won’t budge and Cameron finally drops the subject, promising that he won’t bring it up again. As they settle into each other’s arms, Ashley doesn’t notice, but Cameron sighs, as if something is weighing heavily on him.

A couple of days later, Cameron is waiting at the meet-up spot Rico told him to go to when someone from the club shows up. Cameron is surprised when he introduces himself as Chuck (Derrick Pierce), the president of the club. Chuck points out that there’s a storm coming, adding that he called off the ride today due to the weather. Chuck seems to see something in Cameron that he likes and invites him to come to the club in a few days and meet some of the guys. Cameron agrees.

Cameron joins the club and starts out as a prospect, sweeping floors at the clubhouse, doing laundry, and taking care of all the other work that comes along with starting at the bottom. But he quickly begins to prove himself and seems to be gaining the respect of the club. One day, with a party coming up, Cameron asks Chuck and another club member Rebel (Charles Dera), if it’s ok if he brings Ashley to the party. Chuck says it’s ok, as long as Cameron works the door like he’s supposed to. Rebel gets a nasty glint in his eye as he tells Cameron that they’ll take REAL good care of his girlfriend.

Later, Ashley is doing her makeup when Cameron tells her that he got the ok from the guys to come to the party tomorrow. Ashley is excited, but quickly becomes frustrated when she has trouble putting on an eyelash. Cameron offers to help, and seems to be a natural as he delicately places the lash on her face. Ashley is appreciative and leans in to kiss him. But Cameron gently pushes her away, saying he has too much to do. Ashley isn’t happy. He has time to do errands for a bunch of bikers, but doesn’t have time to FUCK her?? Cameron promises her that it’s not going to be like this forever, he just has to be on call for now.

When Cameron stops by Rebel’s place that afternoon to drop something off, Rebel’s angry girlfriend Lisa (Joanna Angel) storms out of the house. She’s furious at Rebel, and – as revenge – has called the cops on him. Cameron rushes inside to warn Rebel. As they hear the sirens approaching, Cameron tells Rebel to give him anything he has that may be incriminating and Cameron will hold it for him. Rebel stuffs a bunch of things into Cameron’s bag and Cameron sneaks out a back window just as the cops show up.

The next day at the party, Ashley is hanging out alone as Cameron works the door. She sighs with boredom as Cameron comes in to check on her. As Cameron and Ashley chat, Rebel shows up. Cameron introduces Ashley to Rebel before he has to go take care of some business, leaving Rebel and Ashley alone. Rebel offers to give Ashley a tour of the clubhouse and she accepts.

When the two find themselves alone in a back room, Ashley’s growing resentment towards Cameron finds an outlet, and she can’t resist Rebel when he makes a move on her.

Ashley now has a secret to hide from Cameron, but keeping secrets is nothing new for this couple. There are things that Cameron is keeping from Ashley too…secrets that he may even be keeping from himself…